cdscdsATROPHIC CASCADES released October 24 2014.

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Waste. decay. Mass extinctions. Climate change. Starfish tearing themselves apart. Algae growth on Chinese seas. The pacific ocean garbage patch. Water acidification. Honey bees. Speciesism. Rising water levels. Fish stock collapse.

This is a mediative, meditative release. Everything is analog, recorded in a first floor bedroom with a park view in Berlin during late 2013 and the first half of 2014.

To explain sound with words, language, is a task. We can start with guitar, delay, melody, repetition. Drum loops, atmospheric noise and distorted spoken word. AC is somewhere in space, somewhere between music and noise. It’s the easy listening apocalypse.

Spatial complexity. Dynamical behavior. Sub harmonics. Space time simulation.

Zoom. Focus. Brightness/Contrast. Color/Hue

Globally stable.

Text by Ralph McClure

Live from bakakuri

Bakakuri live music with Michiyasu Furitani dance performance. Live at Lighthaus 120714 for Kunst am Spree Knie 2014.

Funkhaus OPEN STUDIOS Summer 2014 + LIGHTHAUS

Please remember.

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+ Margerine + E N T video

Brand new trans-continental video releasing today for E N T. Take the red berries, peel your eyes back and take a trip into the fern jungles and twisted visions of Margerine.

Photographed in Upper Hutt NZ and edited in Friedrichshain, East Berlin, Margerine’ is
E N T’s first video release from 2012’s epic STREET DREAMS.

Photography Nathan Taare
Montage and Post Production Dylan Bakker

Margerine, from the album Street Dreams,

Copyright RangiRecordings 2013


May 2013 see’s MORE from Berlin’s Wide Scope Experimentalists Sekurit. These two comps hit the web after mixing and mastering at Mutant Studios Berlin Mite by Outburst and Croc. This is a double dose of free sound, and digital downloads are also FREE or name your price.

Wide Scope Experimental radio show with DIYChurch

Thanks to DIYChurch for visiting us at GH36 on Monday and recording this 2 hour stream.
The playback begins with Bakakuri, Ken Mutant adds some vocals, then we hear from Keita Matsui as Mutantone, some tracks are previewed from a yet to be released SekuriT compilation, then Kurihara plays solo, to be joined eventually by Adam Attics, Ken Mutant and Dylan Bakker.

Thanks to Marcus from DIYChurch.


We have a new artist on the roster! 2 piece noise-pop operating out of Berlin. They are called bakakuri and they make experimental sounds across many genres. We have heard some dirty DIY bedroom demo’s and can expect a first release soon. Bakakuri is Kurihara Takuya on loops. keys and machines and Dylan Bakker on guitar, vocals and machines.