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Bakakuri is experimental noise pop and experimental nose poop using different inputs, effects, and outputs. Sometimes they sound like a travelling train, sometimes like a slow motion car crash, sometimes like a plane engine puffing pink powder pops and blips. Baka and Kuri met in Berlin 2009 and have been making music together since 2012. Their sound is diverse and live. They have played in many Berlin undergrounds with old and new hands including dancers, VJ’s, living sculptures and waking poets.

In 2013 Bakakuri released EAP, 5 recordings compiled from a years worth of sessions.  Its141112 was included in the International Pop Underground Sounds Vol 1. compilation released on 14 Years Records.  Bakakuri music can also be heard on the dance performance video Between The Line, filmed in Berlin and featuring dancers Michiyasu Furutani and Maria De Faria.



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