cdscdsATROPHIC CASCADES released October 24 2014.

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Waste. decay. Mass extinctions. Climate change. Starfish tearing themselves apart. Algae growth on Chinese seas. The pacific ocean garbage patch. Water acidification. Honey bees. Speciesism. Rising water levels. Fish stock collapse.

This is a mediative, meditative release. Everything is analog, recorded in a first floor bedroom with a park view in Berlin during late 2013 and the first half of 2014.

To explain sound with words, language, is a task. We can start with guitar, delay, melody, repetition. Drum loops, atmospheric noise and distorted spoken word. AC is somewhere in space, somewhere between music and noise. It’s the easy listening apocalypse.

Spatial complexity. Dynamical behavior. Sub harmonics. Space time simulation.

Zoom. Focus. Brightness/Contrast. Color/Hue

Globally stable.

Text by Ralph McClure